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    reseller - some ideas for more power

    I have been a reseller for sometimes, and I wish I can get a good dedicated server to provide better service to my client, but I can't afford it. So, here's my idea..

    Share a server (5 people)
    Fully Managed Server
    Pentium 4 with 1 GIG of ram
    Quality non cogent connection
    Each people will get:
    - 10 GIGs+ space
    - 150 GIGs+ bandwidth
    - WHM/Cpanel, with ability to create reseller account
    and pay:
    - ~$50/month
    - ~$40 setup fee

    Basically, I will not profit from you as what you pay me will be used to pay for the server cost. When you need any technical support, I will relay your question to the company. When you need to create reseller account, I will create it for you (I am the one with root access)

    Why is this better than a standard reseller account?
    - more for less, you get more space and bandwidth while paying less
    - high quality server and bandwidth, i.e. no more cogent
    - you can create subreseller, indirectly
    - better support, since the company that offer this server is truly managing the server 24/7 to make sure it is 100%. I bet you can't say the same thing with companies like mchost or mehost that offering reseller accounts

    Why is this better than a standard dedicated server?
    - it is fully managed, so you don't need any server administration skill
    - it is cheaper but still has enough power

    Some limitations that I had mentioned
    - relay in creating subreseller account - I can write a script to automate this process
    - relay in technical support, since the company only want to deal with an individual - I can write a script to automate this process as well

    Please let me know how do you think about this by either PM me or replying to this thread. Sorry if I fail to elaborate my idea well enough, but for me I think it is a great idea for any reseller

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    I don't want to sound rude, but..
    Who manages this server? Probably you, as no serious host will offer you a fully managed server with quality bandwidth for $250.
    Did you think about all the implications?
    Don't you think this should be in the Offers forum?

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    I don't want to sound rude either... but as a frequent WHT poster with 1700+ posts, I wonder how can you miss the existance of such a server. I would appreciate if you look thoroughly again (just look, no need to dig) and take back your comment, because, yes, it does sound rude. Very rude, indeed.

    I am not sure whether this should be in the Offers forum, and I bet you can't be 100% sure either, so why don't we let the moderator to decide?

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    Originally posted by shareserver
    ...I wonder how can you miss the existance of such a server...

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