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    * Help me find a DOMAIN host!

    I have been looking absolutly everywhere to find the right place to host my domain... but can't find one. I came across these forums and thought I'd ask if anyone could help me Heres what I want on my domain

    - Australian host
    - domain
    - Pay yearly
    - Only used as a shortcut url (eg. , but not actually upload to that server)
    - Able to pay cash
    - Able to not have to give away personal details.. like address, and phone number. Just email or whatever.

    I need all of that! So just reply here if you know of a place to host me Thanks heaps guys!!

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    Why not give away personal details?

    So you can spam and get away with it?
    No really.. why?

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    Do I have to give a reason why? Anyway, anyone who knows of a place if you could post the URL i'd appreciate it

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    I would not want to host you with you being so secertive.
    Sounds like Al-Qaeda to me

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    lol... very funny

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    I just don't like to give out phone number and address over the internet. I'm sure there are hosts out their who dont need that information?

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    You could find someone local Chris who you could give your details to over the phone.


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    If I knew of someone local...

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