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    * 2 Hosting templates for sale

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    ok is this better?

    hey nice work! i really like the grey one!
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    Sleeper, read the rules:

    Participants may not instruct users to check your e-mail, check your PM, or inform them that they've got mail or a new PM, or any variant thereof. This rule is also applicable in the advertising forums.

    Prelude: Its ******** like you that make it harder for guys like me to sell my designs for any value. Stop being so good for so cheap

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    lol i totally understand how you're feeling..... thats the reason i've to sell my designs for cheap. No one is willing to spend good amount of money. I'm sorry if i'm taking away your business.

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    TEMPLATE 1 has been sold. Only one left, get it fast.

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    both templates sold, MOD you may delete this thread.

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