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    Hosting site for sale

    Hi everybody! I'm working on a hosting site that is almost finsihed. You can see the layout at the URL below.

    It should be finished tommorrow.

    I'm selling this site for only $350.00. Normally it would be more but I have some projects comng up that need my full attention. I was going to open this site for myself. Just so you know, that price includes the rest of the pages.

    If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll finish building it you your specs.

    Send me a PM or email me at [email protected]

    By the way, building hosting companies is one of the main things I do so if anyone needs something custom designed, let me know. I do everything for you.

    Design, server, billing integration, promotion, etc...

    The last 2 I built completly made over $6,000.00 per month after 2.5 months.

    I also offer support for your clients for a small monthly fee. First month free ofcourse.

    If anyone needs a consultation, just let me know.

    Thanks everybody!
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    How is this more than just a template?

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    It 's a custom job. A template is generally sold over again. I know because I build and sell them.

    This one is exclusive to it's domain and I'll be customizing it to fit the buyers needs. When you buy a template, that's all you get is a template. This is considered a custom job.

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    You know cuz you build and sell them?

    Everyone here builds and sells them.

    Unless your willing to make all and every change that the buyer wants, including finishing the entire's nothing more than a template.

    And no templates aren't generally sold over and over again...some are, lots aren't.
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    That's the deal. I'm finishing it according to the specs of the buyer.

    "I'll be customizing it to fit the buyers needs"

    "If anyone wants it, let me know and I'll finish building it you your specs"

    It would help if you read.

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