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    Rude Email Replied To...

    I've found some of the discussion about rude customers interesting and sometimes humorous. I've never replied with anger towards any customer or potential customer, even the rudest.

    However, sometimes I like to remind these folks that the people on the other side are humans, and we would be far more likely to help out if they were not rude.

    I thought I'd share with you an email that I received tonight, and my reponse to it. This email was sent to support for my free hosting business, where we do not accept sign-ups from and addresses.

    Email from Ms. Anonymous:
    Subject: Jerks yo0u wont accept my email address
    Why such jerks and not accept email address from
    yahoo and hot mail.? do you think you are that
    great people will run out and get new email
    address just for you guys?

    I would never recomend you!!!!
    My Reply:

    I'm having trouble understanding this message. Let me have my friend, Mr. Reasonable, re-phrase your email for me:
    Hi. I am very disappointed to see that
    you don't allow those of us with hotmail and
    yahoo email addresses to sign-up. I think
    it's unreasonable to expect that we will
    just have another address on-hand.
    Why do you do this?
    While we have no desire to make life inconvenient for our users, we must balance this with the abuse by unethical members of our service. In the past, we have received a large amount of abuse by those who use these free email addresses. To help curb this abuse, we no longer allow those from these addresses to join. Most are understanding of this situation, and usually have a primary email address that they use besides their free email account.

    As a side commentary on your approach, I would suggest you address complaints in a less accusatory, more level-headed manner. Those of us on the other side would likely be far more willing to help you if you were polite. Many of my peers at other organizations would likely have simply ignored your email, whether valid or not. I myself would have been far more helpful, possibly even removing the restriction temporarily so you may join. But I have no desire to host someone with apparently so little respect for other human beings.

    Good Night,

    I think it makes the point in a nice way.


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    hehe nice

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    nice response!

    If they respond post back with the response.
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    Originally posted by NovaW
    If they respond post back with the response.
    Will do. But I don't expect one. Folks like these are usually <14 or have no consideration for anything but their immediate needs. I wouldn't have made much of a response had I not been taking it easy this evening.


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    I commend you, It is all too tempting to reply with a more honest answer

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    That was an honest answer. It's all in the wording.


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    Good job, I like it!

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    Is Mr. Reasonable available for any part time work ?

    I could use him.

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    well done

    I myself have to deal with angree clients ( like what happen 10 minutes ago ) due to a client getting "gatored"

    details email tran-script

    Start quote from client " Now I have problem with owner of the web-site he thinks that I placed these links.
    So I expect that you will delete all advertising links on the web-site and stop to do it in future or I will be forced to break our relations."
    end quote client

    start quote me

    "Now I want you to be aware of the following :

    checked the source code, no links are present from line item 1 to line item 22.
    double checked the server. the server is not adding anything.

    so I am clear and not liable for the action of gator or other spyware programs.

    now if you like I can explain this to your client or you can do it yourself. "

    Endquote me

    Mind you there are 5 other e-mails in this communication. I had to help him discover the spyware, explain the spyware, delete the spyware and overall basic spyware prevention setup.

    this was out of the scope of services offered, but none the less you have to do it, otherwise the next host will do it and get the client.

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    Originally posted by NovaW
    nice response!

    If they respond post back with the response.
    Here ya go:
    I have spoke with approximatley 50 people and
    they feel the same way I do.
    If the shoe fits wear it.
    My reply:
    Your wearing it very well.

    I have spoken to thousands who are more than satisfied. I will focus on
    keeping them happy.


    Yeah, I know 'your' is in the wrong context.


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    Ha, that was a good one. It's a good idea not to be rude to clients, because even if you haven't done anything wrong, people tend to spread the bad word around a lot faster than the good !
    Kaumil P.

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    /applaud Brian S


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    great wording!
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    Why go through all that just to explain it? For me I just ignore the rude remark totally and address what it is they're asking and be done with it.

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    LOL. I needed a good laught this morning.
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    my practice is not to dignify the rudeness with a comment, i just respond to the substance (if there is any). however, if i have had extensive communications with a person prior to that (which i usually do), i might let an ironic remark fly, eg i wake up and find an angry (unjustified) comment in an im message. i respond 'got a little angry did we? let me see how i can help you'. i then proceed to spend an hour troubleshooting his home networking setup. i didnt get an apology, but i have a feeling the individual in question is thankful for my tactful handling of the issue and will make sure he is polite from now on.

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    lol.. this kind of thing makes me laugh.

    Well replied to Brian.

    I too would like to know how much to hire out Mr Reasonable for the day?

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    Originally posted by rusko
    my practice is not to dignify the rudeness with a comment, i just respond to the substance (if there is any). however, if i have had extensive communications with a person prior to that (which i usually do), i might let an ironic remark fly...
    Oh goodness, I'm not going to alienate a current customer, or even a prospective one. I wouldn't characterize this person in either category.

    I would agree if you were to say this wasn't the best way to handle this email. But this is my little way of getting off steam. My "letting loose" so to speak. I figure it's a pretty safe way.

    I'm glad the humor was appreciated.

    Oh yes, Mr. Reasonable is available for outsourced interpretation. But I'm afraid the only thing not reasonable about him are his hourly rates.


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    Mr. Reasonable but not Affordable

    Sometimes i wonder what these customers are on....No need to be nasty, make world a nicer place will you?

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    Well...... sometimes I get these kind of people too
    I even had people asking me this before...

    Request : I want free web hosting
    ME : OK No problem Can you host my banners?
    Request : Why should I? I am making a free site and I want the hosting FREE!!!
    ME : We are an Ad Sponsored Company. And the free hosting is....
    Request : !@#$%^&*()
    ( Well you get my point.... This "screwing" continued for sometime all this over instant messaging )
    But the funny thing is that after some time he came back asking again ......
    ( NOTE : his request was not a small request... it was a few GB and more than 50 GB of trnasfer yeeks )

    As for emails, not yet We were much luckier and got stuff like
    "Thank You for your support please remove me"
    "Love your service but I don't want my account anymore."
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    Wow, take a look at the dates before responding.
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    You know what they say...the less they pay...the more they expect
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