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    What is "Word of Mouth" ?

    I know, this is stupid question, but what is "Word of Mouth" ?
    Where their site?

    Thank you.

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    "Word of mouth" is slang. It means people talking (good or bad) about something to other people.

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    Where their site?
    LOL -sorry that made my day. your gonna be a webhost?

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    nothing wrong with stupid questions (or even amusing ones ).

    Word of mouth is what happens when your customers love you and tell all their friends, post on newsgroups, etc etc telling the world how wonderful you are. This takes time & doesn't happen by accident.

    This can be very powerful because it is taken as trusted info. The info in advertising and marketing blurb etc is always taken as relatively untrustworthy.
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    One piece of advice: Bad things spread about you much faster than good ones, so treat your first customers as if they were kings (as well as all other ones)

    Good Luck

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    Thanks for this thread
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    All of a sudden I feel that much more "in the loop"

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    Being that 'word of mouth' is an english idiomatic expression, I'm sure there are equivelent expressions in other languages.

    Just out of curiousity, anyone know any? Not literal translations of 'word of mouth' but sayings that mean something similar?

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    In German it's called "Mundpropaganda". "Mund" is German for mouth

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    word of mouth stats. I have learned from marketing in the past.

    bad news word of mouth travels 7 times further than good word of mouth and last about 400% ( 4 times ) longer than good word of mouth.

    Good word of mouth, dispells bad word of mouth over long periods of time IE: it took toyota almost 30 years to dispell the rep of rusty cars but the rusting problem was only for about 7 years. it was not untill the mid 90's that I did not hear about that anymore and quality came into the lingo. what you hear now " they use to be rusty bucket's but they got that solved and are indestructable as heck "

    so you have to strive to lay on hell of a solid foundation, otherwise you have a uphill battle.

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    LOL I had a good laugh at this but never though that people not fluent in English might not know all the slang terms and phrases we use on a daily basis.
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    The online version of word of mouth is viral marketing ... and it can be a mega traffic tool ...
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    Originally posted by CDHost
    LOL I had a good laugh at this but never though that people not fluent in English might not know all the slang terms and phrases we use on a daily basis.
    Couldn't have put it any better myself.
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