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    Question How much time on non-technical parts of business

    I was wondering approximately what percentage of time do you spend per month (on average) in the non-technical aspects of a Web Hosting biz. (once you pass the setup phase)

    (i.e.- 10% percent of the time is for non-technical work 90% is technical)

    I am also wondering how long it took to get the non-technical business portion of your web hosting business up and running.
    (from the time you decided to create a business entity to the time, you were able to conduct business) This would include creating your business plan, finding a lawyer, deciding on services offered, or anything non-technical that you decided to do before "going live".

    Thank you for responding...
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    It's hard to put a figure to it, As you are constantly checking competitors and marketing, refining your business plan etc etc.
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    I suppose it would depend on how many people you have available for various functions. These days, quite a bit of my time is spent on nontechnical items, since there are other personnel to handle the day to day technical issues for clients. I'd say that spending too much of your time on the technical side of things even in the very beginning is going to create problems later on - creating a system for taxes, business filings, and so on should be done early in the company's history, not later, since as the business grows, so does the complexity of the nontechnical items that you have to manage.

    Our time to going live was about a month as we put all the pieces in place: incorporation filing, setting up the bank and merchant accounts, drafting the business plan, etc.
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    I think it also depends on the past experience...
    If you have some general knowledge of the business and market it sould take 1 week - 1 month.
    If you are complete newbie it may take up to a few months to figure out the general aspects, the law side I think.
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    We spend about 70% on technical and 30% on non-technical and it shows because the technical parts, admin and new applications, moves faster at certain times. It also varies because support is high during the first 1-3 days of a new account then flattens for 3 weeks, then mostly drifts to nearly zero because once they learn our template administration interface they don't need help. Marketing increases when we finish an application or when we're trying to get a big account. We also have weekly and monthly program reviews to make sure we're on the right overall track.

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    Talking thanks for replying...

    Thanks everyone,
    This has all been extremely helpful to me.

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