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    Avoid at all times

    They're terrible, even after you cancel your account with them!

    I canceled my account on 9/13/2002 (after over 2 weeks of trying, but that's a different story told in a different thread). Here is part of the confirmation email I received from

    Per your request, your account has been closed. Your closing balance was $0.00, nothing will be billed to your card to close the account. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
    Fantastic! I thought I had finally received some service from them.

    Fast forward to today. I'm looking at my credit card bill, and what do I see? A brand new charge from ImHosted, dated 10/22/2002. WTF?

    My advice to anyone considering


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    It is possible that their billing system messed up. Have you contacted them before posting on a public forum like


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    I have attempted to contact them. It's more like black magic than an exact science. Sometimes you get a response, sometimes you don't.

    In any event, this is just the latest "negative" experience I have had with them. I don't feel this is inappropriate in any way because it is (in some way, at least) a reflection on how they run their business.

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    How long have you waited since the reply? Regardless of their previous response history, you should give 24-48 hours before taking further action (such as posting on a public forum).

    Also, if they don't reply within a reasonable timeframe, you can simply chargeback the amount. Just call up your bank and ask to dispute the charge.


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    There is a guy that post here somtimes, I believe his screen name is even ImHosted, I would contact him, as he has been very helpful in getting matters solved. He has always been very helpful and considerate when asking for assistance.

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