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    Flash Look, please rate it.

    Hey there,

    SBYWEB did it again, another redesign of the site, this is a flash edition, that will soon be in a non-flash edition, plus a flash intro ... for not please just rate the flash edition located over at, browse around.

    Give me a rating /10 if you can

    Thanks a lot,

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    Jul 2002
    waht does it say in that tiny print in the bottom right corner?

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    waht does it say in that tiny print in the bottom right corner?
    Why do you want to know? Probably gibberish.

    Anyways, on the Flash, I don't see anything special about it (yes, I'm being harsh). It's simply just some image flashing here and there every few seconds or so.

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    May 2002
    It looks like gibberish... remember you can zoom in in Flash

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    heh. yah. its not meant to be anything, i dont think anyway, i never even noticed it.

    progex: its not meant to be a complete revamp, just some improvements over the last.

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    Mar 2002
    Looks sexy! wow!

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    Oct 2002
    New York's Capital District
    I can't see a thing. :-(
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    Thanks for the sexy reply

    the reason you cant see anything is because you probably dont have the latest flash installed, im working my *** off to get something done quickly, but there are other things that come first *customers* so im working on it!


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    Sep 2002
    I don't remember what the last one looked like, so if it improved, I can't say. To me it seems like an awfully large area for such minimal information. And since it was flash, I was expecting a lot more animation, there really isn't much there ... the image is very nice, but may be better that way, just an image. At least until you have a flash detector in place so users without flash don't get frustrated and leave.
    Kevin Hauge
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    The new non-flash version will be out tonight or tommorow, as soon as my designer finishes it up.
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