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    Hosting Template Needed

    I'm looking for a template for my hosting site. I would like to keep the same type of setup and color scheme. The header will need to integrate nicely with my forums, an faq and phpmanager sign-up pages. - free automatic linking to your website

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    If your interested i am selling the following template:

    if that suits your needs please contact me for more information and a price, thanks


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    Hi mattschinkel.

    I have attatched a template which one of my designers has created. If you like it, we will work with you on customizing it to your needs.

    The price : only $20

    Thanks for your time,
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    I've got 5 Templates on sale currently. , just let me know if your interested.

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    The second of these templates is still for sale, drop me $40 and its yours

    I can design you a custom one as well if you like.


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    45$ all sliced and ready to go. Pm me if your interested.
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    hi there
    i read your thread and i thought u might be intersted in seeing my templates
    this is my first one
    its for 50$
    and we can talk about the price if u liked i
    ull have psd ,fonts,html
    i can change colours or any other thing on demand
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    and thats the second
    same price and every thing
    and remember we can still talk about the price later
    just see if u like one of them
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    psd and slicing. 40 bucks, customizations / color changes would be free [within reason]. contact me if interested.

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