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    Cheap Server parts

    We are looking into building some more servers, and we would like to either buy the full server or get parts cheap for them. We are in the Uk and any cheap suppliers or reccomendations would be of great help.
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    Microtec99 ( are good on the returns policy, but can be hassle to work with if it's after 7 days.

    Spire Technologies ( are very good price wise, and have a standard returns policy, however, the quality of the products they supply is in my opinion better. (ie: Less returns needed.)

    Rackmount cases, well, we use however, we are sourcing other places so if you know of any, or find any, please let me know.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the replys, does anyone know where you can get the full systems?
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    anyone ?
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    Hi. On a side note, id never buy server parts off ebay (anymore).. go with someone who has a life time warranty... and if you are gonna buy a pre-built system, you will probably pay more because they are buying the parts for the same prices as you (well almost the same) then they are tacking on shipping, taxes, and labor fees and will charge you more than you want to pay

    My only vendor preferences are we usually buy Seagate 7200RPM drives from Tigerdirect and 3ware raid cards from - we usually get 3ware 7000 - 2 port for $119 - id recommend them - however 2-3 hd's we got from them were all bad - thats why i buy hds from tiger and only seagate
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