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Thread: Win 2k Gurus.

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    Win 2k Gurus.


    I want to install all the MS office web component functionality onto my web server. That means proper manipulation not just read access. Can i just install the free MS office com download and use that?

    Or must i have a full licensed verion of office XP on the server?
    As usual MS dont make that very clear on their website.

    Feedback appreciated.

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    I would think that you need a full licensed version. But I am not sure.

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    I would assume that you would have to licensing of some description. Try contact your local rep. They should be able to help you.
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    Unfortunately, the local MS reps are very hard to reach unless you have many many computers/servers. Like most companies, they have cut their staff back and there just aren't enough people to answer all your questions. Also, ususally you can talk with two or three different people and get two or three different answers.

    You will need to install a licensed version of Office on your computer if you will be creating documents on the server. If you are only using one programs (ie Word), you may be able to purchase just a Word license cheaper than Office. I am not sure about that. This used to be true but I have not explored this with XP and their licensing requirements are different from other versions.

    Hope this helps.
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