Hi all! I'm trying to compare 2checkout and Paystems.

My goal is to build an automated subscription system which regularly polls a mail account for incoming order notification mails from either one or both payment processors, and performs various actions (creates new user account, updates account status) based on the contents of these mails.

Problem: I've been unable to find any specification or example of the notification e-mails sent to vendors by either company. When I asked 2checkout about it, they said they had no example (!) and that I needed to sign up to see the mails in question. Which is nonsense since I can't finish building the susbscription system without the info I asked for, and until I have the subscription system running I can't take orders... in fact I can't even tell if what I want to do can be done using 2checkout's notification mails.

Hence my question: since many people here seem to be using 2checkout and Paysystems, would it be possible for someone to post examples of what those mails look like? Obviously, any transaction-specific information (user name etc.) should be edited out (replace name with "Mickey Mouse" etc.).

It would also be great if somebody could comment on the stability of the formats in question. Does it make sense to perform automated parsing, or does the format change every other day?