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    Exclamation New software (host Mate)

    Hi everyone
    I have a new program due to be launched within the next 2 weeks ,the program is called hostmate.
    What does it do?
    well its a simple database program to store clients details,you can also email clients from within the program and jump to a clients url.
    it stores the most common details needed and also has a password generator built in .all credit card info is encrpted on your harddrive.
    this program is ideal for new webhosts and resellers if you are interested drop me an email [email protected] and you will be contacted when the free version is availble for download .

    Versions to be released are as follows

    Max 20 client database FREE
    unlimited clients $19.95 for a limited time

    the program runs on win 98,me,2000,xp requires a minimum of 800x600 res

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    Cute, I like it!


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    Hobo, that happening so close to Halloween is rather scary, you think?


    PS: even if that is his CC number, it's expired.

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    Hm... Let's see. Right now:

    > WildCard's post count is: 666
    > His title signature says: Godaddy now #6! coo!
    > The time is now: 2:46
    > Today is Oct. 26th

    Sorry, I'm a bit crazy.

    Btw, lovely software. Cheap too!

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    Originally posted by dreamHOBO
    Is that really your CC number?

    No but if it was it`s expired
    just addidng the ability to export data to a csv file for use with a spread sheet,
    i`ll post a download link here in the next few days


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    Progex, not to scare you anymore than you already are - but you were the 6th post in this thread.

    /me makes note to self to buy a lottery ticket with lots of 6's today.


    PS: To keep this thread on topic, Cliksoft, I am looking forward to checking out your software. Even if it's not workable for me, it looks like it may be for one of my contacts.

    Take care-

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    I don't see anyway to view a list of all of them? Webhosting - [email protected]
    AIM:wholemilksales ICQ:163957154 MSN[email protected] YAHOO:wholemilk_sale
    Ex-FP Customers please go to

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    well you can view a list of all the domain names and click on one to view the full details,or you can export to a csv file and open the entire database as a spreadsheet

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    Latest release v1.01
    After testing v1.0 some bugs where found some dealing with cut and paste some effecting creating a client with the same name as an existing client.,these have now been fixed also a few new features have been added :

    There are now two shortcuts to domain registrars ,1 for enom .com and one 123
    also added is a list of servers ,this allows you to enter the url of a server and jump to that server for example if you use cpanel the you could enter a server as etc


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