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    uk people does antone know

    does anyone know a good compnay to get a really good fast internet line off in the uk other than bt i have adsl at the moment i want alot faster then 500k any suggestions will be great any price any speed

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    Well the other broadband provider would be Telewest or NTL. All other providers just basically provide ADSL via BT's system. I guess if you want something better, then you could get a T1 installed... but that depends how much faster you want than 512Kb/sec.

    Alan Ho
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    Telewest/NTL have recently released a 1mb line for about 35.99 p/m ADSL tho so u only get 256 up.

    otherwise have a look at XO or BT Ignite for more serious lines with and SLA and leased.

    hope this helps

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    Have a look here,

    Should list pretty much all of them,

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    It would be an E1. T1 is a US term.

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    I have cable 1mb (telewest) and i must say that i cant really see much difference in the 512k version before i upgraded, if anything the service has been worse since i did.

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