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    A few questions to get me starting

    1) I was wondering, a little puzzled here, how do I setup a domain name ( for clients who wants it. Taking , that Im running a webhosting company.

    2) How do I create multiple FTP accounts for users for them to access their webspace, and how to I limit the number of times they can access their ftp.

    3) How do I provide telnet/SSH access for them?

    4) How do you all function when adding a new user/client(when a customer signs up)? Create a new folder in your server and have them the space?

    Im a newbie here , wanting to learn the ropes. All help would be appreciated

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    This can all be done with a click of a mouse if you are using one of the major control panels, such as cpanel, plesk, ensim, etc.

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    Depends, some people aren't running control panels. However, if you need assistance on such topics as setting up domains, it is the best idea to get a control panel. Also, some of the things you want to do (such as setup SSH access) cannot be done by some control panels. You'll want to do a little research on various control panels to see what features they offer via the GUI.
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    So all those which were mentioned, does CPanel provides those functions? as Im wanting to get CPanel

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    CPanel does provide those functions. If you don't have a "control panel" "server management software" you have to do most of the basics you want to do manually, which can be a bit more time comsuming obviously.

    If you have some more questions feel free to ICQ me, Ill be on for a bit tonight and I am always happy to answer questions.

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    just a note... you'd be well advised to look at a reseller account first until you're comfortable with the process. Having an upstream host maintaining the actual server itself will take a lot of stress off you in the event something goes pear shaped. For the sake of your customers you should go slow, and learn much before heading off to your own servers.

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