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    best places to be listed?

    Can anyone recommend the best hosting directory sites to be listed in? I have been listed in a couple but no hits so far.

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    I'm right behind you.
    It won't hurt you to be listed in any directory or web site because sooner or later someone will click on that link, and you never know - might be an important customer...

    Try to get listed in and all the other major directories (including ours )

    Just be sure to include every possible plan and all details this will ensure that you'll receive the promotion you're looking for - because I noticed that sometimes host owners just add their companies and forget to add their hosting plans - and that's a shame.....

    Good luck
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    Certainly worth to list in any free place you can. There are a ton of directories & a lot let you add a free listing - chances are you'll never see a hit from most of that, but you never know you might.

    There was a thread a while back that did an alexa traffic ranking of web hosting directories. The alexa numbers are not perfect & might be a bit out of date by now - but it's a good indicator. Any resource site is only as good as it's targeted traffic. Anyway here is the 1st 15 traffic wise in that list. The number is the Alexa score - the lower the number the higher the traffic 12,835 21,670 24,025 25,957 29,754 30,603 33,846 34,525 55,001 56,428 59,476 64,573 66,080 76,789 122,106
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    You should track sales with cookies ... I encourage our advertisers to do so ... then you know whether the medium works for you ... some works .. others don't ... but you must track to know which ones rock!
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    nice post Nova
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