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    Question R2Host who uses them

    Hello I'm a dreaded newbie at least to this place.

    I found a link to R2Host in one of the other threads and was wondering who is using them and what are they like

    The prices seem really low, I'm presently with and I've had fantastic service off them, but R2Host's prices can't be ignored, but is it a case of get what you pay for.

    My site is approx 90mb in size with a bandwidth useage just over 1gb a month so there $36 a year package would cover me easily.

    I also run a forum through Ezboard with a bandwidth useage of 5gb per month so R2Hosts $120 package would 1/4 the cost of running the forum.

    So back to the original questions who wants to recommend them and what do you host there.
    I'd be especially interested to see links to any forums hosted on there, so I can monitor speed and uptime

    Thanks for any feedback

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    I have not used them, but they are a new host with little track record.

    I would suggest signing up for the DixieSys small site package. If you sign up before Halloween is over, they'll give you 400 megs with 6 gigs transfer at $3.95 a month.

    I have used them before and have always been happy with their service. DixieSys

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    Thanks for that, I've just done what I should have done before postig my question and did a search for other R2Host threads

    Found this

    Seems if they are new, there reputation as been tarnished before they got started, guess thats another off my list unless anybody does come forward who genuinly uses them.

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