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    Anyone having an ideea about performance of rackshack network as a whole. many cheap deals are available for servers and for the resellers in racksjhack networks.

    Are they OK with hosting for good sites.


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    The performance of Rackshack's network is very good. I constantly get 1.2MB/s+.

    Depending on what you mean by "good" sites, rackshack should be fine to host most sites, including important ones. Of course, if you have a mission-critical site, you wouldn't want to host it in rackshack (its just not designed for that, the tech support, hardware, etc...)


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    I find RS to be just fine. I have two servers with them.

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    pay for what you get

    You pay for what you get. It really depends if you like the other guy said have a mission critical site.

    Rackshack certainly falls well behind RS.

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