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    Question Is there any way ?

    Dear Guruz,

    I have a domin, i dont want to host my website i just need my emails work with new domain like [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected], is there any way where i can just get my emails work (pop3 or web based) without hosting website and stuff.


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    Well you could just get the lowest webhosting plan you can find in terms of resources because email only won't take up anywhere near the amount of a website.

    Rather than actually use the webhosting part, just stick a blank page up and the email will still work fine

    I know cPanel comes with a theme giving just email options but I can't say I've seen many hosts offering it.

    Its certainly worth you looking and asking around various hosts though I would think.
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    Use free DNS services and you can forward all emails sent to your domain to your current email.
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    either sign up for URL forwarding through your domain registrar or you could transfer it to someone like doteasy that will charge you 35.00 a year for the name, you'll receive hosting space you dont need but you can use the email services or get them to change your MX records and use a free email service like, then you can access your mail under your own domain from anywhere - short URL service

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