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    NEED an experienced Linux Admin


    I am looking for someone very experienced in linux administration. The person will need to be very skilled in linux networking, installing and maintenance. This job requires you to have at least 3 to 5 years in networking of linux or nix based servers, with much experience in router and network configurations. The job at hand will be dealing with the setup of a couple linux servers over the internet. All servers are online and need an admin to help config and test. If you are interested please pm back for more details.

    Thank you

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    Please look in my signature on how to contact me. I believe that I would be the best candidate for the job.

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    How much time commitment is required for this position and how much compensation?
    - joey

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    We can offer 24/7 chat, e-mail and tickets support for about quarter of the salary. We also offer dedicated support staff, which will take care of your needs uniquely.. Our staff consists of level 2 and 3 engineers and because we are located in India we can offer you great prices, starting from $99.
    Try us for a week free, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Our expertise includes

    Operating system
    Linux and Windows 2000

    Control panels
    Hosting controller

    Ticket Support System
    Ticket Smith
    PHP Support desk
    Ticket response

    Support related to control panels.

    1) Setting up mail server
    2) Setting up web server
    3) Hosting domains
    4) Enabling web users
    5) Mail settings
    6) Account creation.
    7) Adding a new domain/ sub domain.
    8) Control panel/FTP password reset.
    9) Mail related issues. (Pop3, smtp, webmail).
    10) Script support (php, asp, perl).
    11) Web statistics support.
    12) FrontPage/database troubleshooting.
    13) Protected directories (SSL. Non-SSL)
    14) Webuser accounts creation.
    15) Check diskquota, Traffic limit and many more.
    16). Protecting web sites (.htaccess)

    Linux support

    1. Performance tuning of Linux servers
    2. Automated tasks (Cronjob)
    3. Network/Bandwidth monitoring (MRTG)
    4. Software installation
    5. Server monitoring (Uptime/downtime) using 3rd party softwares and Manual
    6. Backup/Restore of server and websites
    7. Adminisration of MySQL database server.
    8. Setting up of Apache with SSL support.
    8. Setting up Mailserver(Sendmail,Qmail,Exim,PostFix)
    9. Setting up DNS.
    10. Installation and Configuration of various log file analysers (AwStats,Webalizer..)
    11. Implementing Firewalls using IPCHAINS and IPTABLES

    Windows 2000 Support

    1. Using Terminal Services Client
    2. Using PC Any Where
    3. Configuring and trouble shooting IIS.
    4. Configuring and trouble shooting Exchange Server
    5. Configuring and trouble shooting Windows Proxy 2.0 and Internet Security and Acceleration Server.
    6. Remote installation of softwares.
    7. Configuring DNS, DHCP Servers.
    8. Managing Users.
    9. Backup/Restore using 3rd party tools
    10. Configuring and Installing MySQL

    Contact me at toll free phone number 188-3936747
    msn messnger: [email protected] aol ewempir.

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