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    I am currently a web designer who wants to expand my business offerings and offer web hosting. I cannot afford to purchase and run my own server or have it hosted for me. So, reselling is an option. Could someone please tell me how it works? How do you price it? Is it worth it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I am also a designer/developer who expanded my services.

    Two types of reseller plan you would be interested in. Very brief description:

    Bulk plan - you buy a large set amount of space and divide it up and sell it any way you desire.

    50-50 type plan - you purchase a plan at a discounted rate and sell it for whatever amount you want.

    If you are just starting out, going with the 50-50 (or whatever percent) type might be better until you get a lot of hosting customers then you can switch to a bulk plan.

    Research different reseller host to see what they have to offer.

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    If you go with a 50-50 type plan you'll have to stick with your host's packages. This is like being affiliate...

    On the bulk plan you can set up your own packages and modify them later if necessary. And this is like being a hosting company.

    If you just need web space for the ones who you do the design the first one is better I think.
    But if you want to sell hosting indeed, the 2nd option sounds better.
    But remember that you'll have more things to deal on the 2nd like; providing technical support, billing overseas etc...

    And to compare prices you can do some research on the hosting sites and see the avarage pricing.

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    The 50/50 deal is not always that much cheaper if you consider most make you purchase your first plan at full price. A few clients, and you are up to the price of a "bulk plan".

    Plus, with a large amount of space you have control over your client's accounts (which is important for designers) and you get your own Nameservers, so it really looks like you are the hosting provider. This makes the transition to a dedicated server a snap, and usually you can get those from the first type of company.

    I would highly recommend the first option...

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    I second the first option too!!,
    ::complete solution for reseller -
    :emi-Dedicated Server
    ::with CPANEL, Unlimited Domain, reputable datacenter & strong technical support.

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    I too recomend a Bulk plan I would also go with hosting unlimted domains, etc in your allocated space and bw.

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    From experience with our clients, the bulk option typically involves more work than many developers want to dedicate to hosting.

    We've found that clients make more money by purchasing wholesale domains and customizing to meet client needs than havving to chop up a larger number of resources. Most see hosting as an additional revenue source, but would rather spend time developing rather than configuring servers and pricing strategies.
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    Most see hosting as an additional revenue source, but would rather spend time developing rather than configuring servers and pricing strategies.
    Why would you have to configure a server? The standard reseller plan (bulk, apparently) is the way to go. Pricing strategies? As a web designer your principal skills are what attract customers - hosting is cake. Your primary worry is finding a reputable host. Do some research, post a request and test response times and professionalism via e-mail. Finding a host with realistic up-time and support enables you to dedicate your time to clients. Good luck in your search Baummer.
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    Whichever reseller option you choose, I'd just caution you to make sure it's affordable to you from the start, as well as to your customers. Don't overspend on a package that might leave you with way too much unused capacity for months to come ... make sure you find something that can accommodate the customers you expect *now* and can grow easily as your own needs grow. Otherwise, it's too easy to get into a hole financially, and that's a hard thing to climb out of in hosting.

    Best of luck!
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