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    Advertise on my community site!

    Well I have a community site ( that is rapidly growing. Since its launch in august of 2002, we've gained over 300 members, and its still on the way up. If you would like to advertise your banner (go to the site, there is currently a flash banner thats in place of where your banner will be) please contact me. The site is very active, about 10 to 15 members surfing it daily. Dont worry about how your banner will be shown, as we have a banner rotator system that will rotate the banner on the site accordingly. So your banner will get exposure, it doesnt matter if I have 50 banners that have to be shown, youll get exposure.

    Check out the statistics for the website:

    Cost: $20.00 per month
    Restrictions: No illegal, or porn banners/content on your site.
    Payment via Paypal or Credit Card (

    Contact me at:
    Aim: Romeo77718
    Yahoo: Punisher666_99
    Email: [email protected]

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    URL doesnt work :\

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    Sorry keep trying, the server might be lagging a bit. Heres the URL again..

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    wow, is that site really that slow? It's only 9:30am central time on Saturday... how come it's so laggy that the pics don't loadup?

    I am on the network at school, not many people here so I have a few T1's worth of bandwidth to work with so I assume it's not on this side.


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    You may want to try a different server, maybe a ded server.

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