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    managed server deal from

    I have one of this server available right now.

    D-P3Ideal Plan

    Pentium Powered Server
    - Pentium 3 650Mhz Processor
    - 256 MB RAM
    - 20 GB Hard Drive
    - 50 GB Monthly Data Transfer
    - 30 IP address

    Pre-Installed Software
    - Red Hat Linux 7.1
    - Apache 1.3.20 (Web Server)
    - Bind 8 (DNS)
    - SSH
    - Exim mail server (SMTP)
    - CPPOP mail server (POP)
    - Web Mail Software (Neomail)
    - Real Audio/Video http stream software
    - Perl 5.6.1
    - Python
    - FrontPageŽ 98/2000/2002 server extensions
    - mySQL 3.23.45
    - PHP 4.0.6 with Zend optimizer 1.1.0
    - JDK (Java Development Kit)
    - CPanel 5 (Control Panel for hosted clients)
    - WHM (Web Host Manager for Server Administration)

    Additional Service Included
    - Full root access via SSH
    - Service check and automated service restart
    - 24/7 Server Monitoring (1 internal, 2 U.S based and 1 International based(singapore))
    - Night backups (require 2nd hard drive)
    - Server configuration backups
    - Unlimited 24/7 reboot

    We will waive the setup fees if you sign up within the next 7 days, AND we will add an additional 40GB HD and increase the ram to 512MB. All for just $260/month.

    Bandwidth provider AT&T and Cogent

    This server is fully managed, give us a try and we guarantee you that we are different from others. Dont get fooled by other host claim to fully manage your server. We will take care of everything, setting up DNS, install SSL cert and more.

    PM me if you are interested.
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