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    Talking DEDICATED SERVERS 1.3Ghz-1.7Ghz

    Whats up Everyone! - We got a great deal going on right now for you...with a new website coming out. (Preview coming soon) We're doing the specials right now of:

    Celeron 1.3Ghz - Celeron 1.7Ghz
    512 MEG RAM
    60 GIG HD (7200 RPM)
    400 GIGS of transfer
    4 IPS (as long as you justify it u can have more at no cost)
    100 Meg Network Connection
    FreeBSD 4.7 or RedHat 7.3
    24x7 Ticket Support

    $99 setup fee (special only)
    $99 a month

    If you need to traceroute the network traceroute to

    Our datacenters are located in San Francisco with 100% SLA!

    We go through Optigate Networks at this current time. Any questions please feel free to PM me back.

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    Do you provide any CP?

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