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    How To Send Payment To PayPal Account From Non-PayPal Country?

    I am lving in Pakistan and have a credit card but I need to send payment to a PayPal account. Does anyone know how I can send payment to a paypal account. Are there companies out there that will charge my credit card and send the payment to the PayPal account on my behalf.

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    I am afraid you will not be able to send money via thing you can do is to get a person who is has a paypal account, and request him/her to make a payment on your behalf...

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    i have thought or that and even asked a few people but the problem is that the I don't know the people well enough who have paypal account so they are reluctant in making a payment for me.

    There must be a company out there which would send payments to paypal account fro me and charge me the amount with their own commission.

    If anyone in this forum would do this for me than it would be great. I can pay him via my credit card.
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    Good Luck....

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