I'm trying to sort out backing up my primary drive to a secondary hard drive using rsync - I'm cool with using rsync itself but what I'm not sure of is exactly what I need to back up.

( Please don't yell at me for being a newbie learner, I've only run win2k servers before this and there won't be any live customers on this server until I really know what I'm doing - however long that takes )

It's an Ensim server btw.

My plan is to do the backup in 3 stages :

1, Use ameen's script to backup the ensim stuff
2, Use another script to backup mysql databases outside Ensim
3, Use rsync to copy the above backups AND relevant directories to the second hard drive.

My theory is that if I have a disaster I can hopefully get back to where I was by just restoring the ensim sites / mysql BUT if there's any problem with this I will also have the files stored on the second drive in their 'raw' form from using rsync.

Actually it might be easier if someone could tell me what NOT to rsync ?

Thanks in advance . . .