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    * Buy/Sell Web Templates -

    Buy/sell/trade and discuss web templates!

    Also, will sell 3 banner ads at the top. Rotates at random..

    The ads will run until the end of November for $10 each.

    3 only!
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    Any stats available?

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    Not sure what the traffic is yet.. It's fairly new so.. But for $10 for the month you can't beat it.

    You can get a feel for the traffic by going and looking at how many post are made etc.

    If you sell one account from the ad you will have paid for it many times over.

    Really just wanted to tell people about the site. The ads were just something I through in. We have a few advertisers that will run out at the end of the month. Not sure if they will renew or not since we have not asked them yet. This is why we are only offering 3 spaces though.
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    I think the traffic is pretty much targeted so if your a designer or a host it would be for you.. and a bit for others... since its about buying and selling.... IMO

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