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    Anyone heard of WorldPay?

    DOes anyone know if Worldpay is a good bet for a payment gateway? Any brickbats about their product or services?

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    We've been using WorldPay for over a year and have had no problems. Even though they have higher fees than other credit card payment processors, you'll get what you pay for. Their support team seem to be always there to answer your questions. Search for "worldpay" using the search button in the top right and you'll find many more comments about them.

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    Worldpay are a VERY reputable company - we've been using them now for 2 years or so with no complaints at all.

    They're not the cheapest but as with all things you get what you pay for - at least you know they'll still be in business next year and won't depart with your hard earned . . .

    We went to them in the first place as they offer a merchant account and as a new business we couldn't get one through the bank - we've never bothered with the bank now as it works with no problems.

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    Yes, We have also been using them for about a year now, without any problems with them at all! As has been said before they aren't the cheapest. But you get what you pay for, a cheaper option might be Barclays EPDQ service. Depends on the amount of transactions you do.
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