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    how to find out information on server

    how to find some information ,like system resources,number of hosted sites... on server where my site is hosting

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    uh may want to ask your hosting provider on that?
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    is it possible to find out myself ?
    host provider can forget to say some important things

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    If you have SSH access, here are some commands that will give you some ideas.

    Run "free" to see how much memory there is and how much is used.

    Run "ls /home" will give you an idea of how many users (sites) there are on the server.

    Run "top" or "ps -Af" to see how many processes are running.

    Run "uptime" to see how long the server has been up (indicates reliability) and what the server load is.


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    "cat /proc/cpuinfo" for cpu info

    "cat /proc/meminfo" for meminfo

    "df -h" to see disk space usage

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