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  • Yes, and I have been pleased with the results

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  • No, traffic packages are scams (i.e., bots generating phoney IPs and visits)

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    Question Traffic generation scripts

    Hello All,

    I have seen alot of posts regarding the purchase of traffic, i.e., 100,000 unique visitors etc..

    Do all of you think that these "traffic packages" are scams?

    What about joining an affiliate program to exchange traffic and hits?

    lastly, I have seen a number of programs or scripts that you install on your server that are supposed to be "traffic servers"

    some are free and some are commercial $$

    does anybody have any opinion or experiance with any of these programs,. namely:

    it "smells" like a scam to me,.. how about you guys??

    thank you


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    Question Where did you buy "Good Traffic"


    to those people who report in the poll that they have been happy with traffic that they have purchased,.

    where did you buy it from,

    please share this information

    thank you


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    Looks like Junk to me

    They have a table that shows

    1 million visitors - worst case 1% conversion = $150,000/month on a $15 product

    What a load of BS

    This type of traffic is non targeted & most of it is probably not "real" traffic - maybe it will register 1 pageview, but that's about it.

    1% conversion is not worst case - it is probably 100 times better than best case.
    Andrew McMaster
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    Not only nontargeted, but I'm sure it's probably Chinese forum traffic-- or porn traffic?


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