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    Something better than forums for Knowledge Management

    Have any of you thought about a better method of gathering information that Forums. I'm not saying that forums ain't good. They are the best ways till now for sharing information in a logical chronological way. But unfortunately, most of the time, the most pertinent information are buried deep into the pages of the sub-forums which can only be found using an efficient search engine (try search for VDS on WHT search engine). Do you know of any projects that manage to make knowledge management more user friendly?

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    If you sign up for bravenet (I believe they have a free option) they have a feature to let you set up your own FAQ. Haven't read the details on it but you may want to take a look

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    Search for Knowledge Management programs. Many already exist. Try sites like HotScripts (, open source sites SorceForge (, and Google.

    Good luck.

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