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    * XO - NT account no CGI

    I was wondering if anybody would be able to answer me why a place such as XO Communications ( ) would not offer a cgi-bin within there windows based NT hosting package. Is there a reason why a site on an NT server would not need or be able to utilize a cgi-bin?

    thanks for any input.


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    They probably have not installed ActivePerl - from activestate and this would be the issue.

    Some providers do not wan to go through all of that with 2000/NT as CGI can be dangerous if not monitored correctly and will cause loads on the server, thus limiting the processing the server can do and the number of sites one server can hold - this would cut into the bottom line for a company like XO which thrives on profit as it is a public company and has to show a increase in profit each quarter to keep thier investors happy.

    This is my theory.... Many of us other providers out there will do it that are private owned, that only have to answer to our wives as to where the profit lines are.....

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