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    Any good reseller for me?

    I own a web page design business and would like to sell hosting accounts to my customers. We make about 15 sites a month and don't want to set up our own server, so if anyone has any good suggestions where I can make be a reseller and make the most money from the amount of sites that will be hosted. I don't need alot of space or bandwidth, just a good server that will be online most of the time.

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    Browse the forums for a few minutes and you fill hundreds of hosts that sell reseller accounts. Also, you might want to try to post in the requests forum to get custom quotes for what you need.

    15 sites a month is a lot (assuming they all decide to host with you). If they are small sites, fine, but if they are medium-sized sites you will be looking dedicated in the near future.

    You might also think about using a pay-per-plan reseller account. With this, you are guaranteed no loss of profit. Just a thought.
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    'Pay per Plan' I'd like to find a host like that. Does anyone know of one (or more)?
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    Originally posted by whatever
    'Pay per Plan' I'd like to find a host like that. Does anyone know of one (or more)?
    I do

    I currently have an account with a webhost that offers that for free to account holders. I considered using it, but I'm looking at all my options.

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    I have gone with ( They offer a free reselling account or a paid on (only $49 (I think)). I have always been happy with them.
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