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    * Hello, Why no one interested?

    Hello, can i ask why no one is interested in the deal i post
    a few days ago, just curious...

    heres the deal:

    i live in mexico, and im planning to resell some hosting from
    a provider of the US, why is that, because hosting plans here
    are way to expensive, i think they abuse and are stealing people
    money, thats why i want to resell some US hosting plans,
    because i have seen they are like 7-8 times cheaper than any
    of the plans here, so the deal is i just need some space, in
    a site, to put my page, a domain name (if you can provide it,
    ill buy it), i dont have the FUNDS to buy a reseller plan, and
    pay monthly for it, but i can sell any package you offer,
    of course i need discounts of the packages, so i can get
    some money from it, the only funds that i have is for publicity
    on newspapers, and other stuff, im gonna handle all the
    advertising, and all that stuff, i guarante that you will get
    a lot, i mean a lot, of clients from my city, im confident of that
    because, im planning to be the lowest cost hosting provider,
    of the region, also, there arent many hosting providers here
    yet, so its a good oportunity.

    Anyone interested please PM me, reply here, or email me at:
    [email protected]

    i need a cheap hosting provider, and a guarantee that youre
    company can survive for a last 3 years or something.

    Best Regards,
    Cesar Briones.

    * Why no one interested?, please answer here.
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    Dont Know

    I dont Know man, its a good offer, to bad i dont have hosting
    services, good luck!

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    Try posting this topic in the correct forum. Perhaps under 'Job Offers & Requests'

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    Ok, Thanks man!

    ill try that.

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