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    Question backup: will I be safe by doing so?

    Hello again,

    I'm already doing quite a lot of backups but I want to rationalise everything as good as possibile. I did install a good backupscript right now which splits up the backup and makes it incremental.

    Could you please tell me if my list of backups is ok? Am I missing something? Do you think it's a good way to split the backups up (to be able to restore the data on a new box fast?

    • 1 tar file for bind8 + webalizer, daily
    • 1 tar file for proftpd, daily
    • 1 tar file for qmail, daily
    • 1 tar file for APACHE + websites, daily
    • 1 tar file for ip addresses (interfaces), weekly
    • 1 tar file for system users and groups, daily
    • 1 tar file for Logs, weekly
    • 1 tar file for mysql, daily

    I'd be really very happy for your opinions and suggestions!

    a real alien
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    I would just grab /etc and /usr/local/etc all the way down every day.
    Run a mysqldump and grab that instead of the databases, since backing up /var/db w/o shutting it down is useless.
    Jump up one for the websites to /var/www so you know who's who and can restore the whole dir structure.

    /var/qmail & ~vpopmail in one tarball and /home excluding vpopmail in another.

    My .02
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