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    * Can a moderator please read this? thanks.

    i think a moderator deleted my acc "thediablo"

    Sorry, im real sorry if i did something wrong with the rules,
    i dont want to get banned from here, its a good forum with good
    offers, i sincerely apologize to the moderator for the wrong
    thing i make, i really dont know, what that is, can a moderator
    explain me please why my acc got banned?


    Best Regards,
    Cesar B.

    * Anything i did wont, happen again, i just need to know what
    was that. SORRY
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    Just a guess, but maybe because you replied to your own thread. The ettiquette is to simply edit the original post, therefore avoiding "thread bumping".
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    so that was it

    where u from MDJ2000

    de donde eres veo que tienes tu firma en español
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    ok... sorry
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    You were emailed that you are permitted one account, you have more than one. Once you choose an account to post with, that one account will be reinstated. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.

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