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    unzipping in FTP

    I'm going crazy with having to upload a million files to my server, it takes forever even on a fast connection. I can upload a zip in like 3 seconds, but have no way to unzip it via FTP.

    Does anyone have a solution? Is there a FTP program out there that will allow me to unzip a file?

    I'm at the point where I'll almost consider writting such an app in PHP.

    Maybe I should just switch hosts so I can use SSH.

    Any suggestions?

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    Maybe I should just switch hosts so I can use SSH.
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    You could ask them to extract it for you, so you upload it to the dir and they go in and unzip it, would take em a whole 2 min
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    OK, I just talked to my GURU, and he suggests I write the following as a CGI:

    echo "content-type text/html"
    echo ""
    /usr/bin/unzip fullpath/filename

    Does anybody agree with that? Think it could be whipped up into a nice stand alone application?

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