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    Need cheap host with a huge bandwidth

    My site is a huge photo gallery with currently 2100 images taking up 380 MB. Traffic has been so high recently that my monthly quota of 20GB was exceeded yesterday.

    Since I'm not making money on this site (it's a hobby) I'm looking for a cheap host with a lot of bandwidth. I'd probably simply park the full-size images there and keep the html pages on my current host.

    I will need 400-600 MB of space and 30-50GB of bandwidth. One domain is enough and I don't need support. Low cost is the top priority, with reliability and speed being less relevant.

    I saw the offer of Infinology and Zerosetup but from the posts I read here the general feedback has been negative. And I'm not to crazy about paying 12 months in advance. Still they are very cheap and might be an option.

    Anyway, what else do you recommend ?

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    Porn site?

    Is that why your bandwidth requirements are so high? It would influence what host folks around here recommend.

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    It is not a porn site.

    It's a travel photography site without pictures of naked people.

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    Anyway, what else do you recommend
    I really would recommend you ask a mod to move this thread to the correct forum first.

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    Ah... now I see what you mean. There is a dedicated forum for web hosting requests. I'll repost the question there.

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    Or you could wait and see which hosts people recommend first. The forum for web hosting requests is littered with hosts who we call "fly-by-the-night" operations. If you want reliability, I recommend you pay a slightly higher costs. In the long run, it will save us some time typing "told you so's" when you post your nightmare story here in a few months time, if you do decide to go with one of those "cheap-and-cheerful-one-man-show-hosts-running-of-a-leased-RackShack-server".

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    From the figures given, it appears the OP may not have optimized his gifs/jgps.

    Doing so could save as much as 80% on the space and bw required and for folks like me on 56K, the reduced loadtime would be greatly appreciated .
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    50 GB of bandwidth might better be served on a small dedicated.

    But I'm sure the OP is looking for a $5/month account, so nevermind...

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    Well, depending on the page views and such, might be worthwhile for someone to host it for him for reduced price.

    But I agree, that picture optimization saves so much HD and transfer - with no real loss to the picture.


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    Maybe a semi-dedicated solution then?

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    What is your budget? Perhaps you could look into since they offer tailor made hosting. They are currently our provider which assist us in reselling operation besides just normal hosting features.
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    Originally posted by Scooter24
    And I'm not to crazy about paying 12 months in advance.
    Who ever you go with, I'd suggest NOT paying for one year in advance. Especially with a new host who you may end up not liking or one that may suspend or drop your account for "server abuse" in which case you could possibly lose your money.

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    it appears the OP may not have optimized his gifs/jgps.
    The images are 800x600 and average 150K. Smaller than that you would see blockiness in the skies or JPEG artifacts. Quality matters, as I'm planning to sell the images as a stock photographer.

    The huge bandwidth consumption stems from the fact that some people have DSL connections and go into "slide show" mode - moving from one image to the next. There are visitors who spend one or more hours on the site viewing hundreds of images.

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    Hey Scooter,

    How much are your looking to spend every month? I've got a gallery full of pictures and it's been taking up resources on the shared server I'm on. If you want to split the cost of a server, somewhere between $50-$100 a month, we could both host our sites on the same server. Let me know if you're interested, here's my email:

    [email protected]

    See ya,
    Team Shania!

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    Dear all,

    as if my host had been listening to this thread, they increased the traffic quota limit on my 500MB space plan from 20 to 30GB/month and on the additional 100MB space plan I had ordered from 7 to 15GB/month - all this for the same price. Now I have a total of 45 GB for $19/month - which seems like a good deal. By the way, they also reduced the "penalty" for excessive bandwidth usage from absurd $10/GB to more reasonable $2/GB.

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