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    I need a suggestion...

    Hello everyone,

    They're trying to start a website at my work and asked me how to rent a server. I'm familiar with "personal" websites, but not with company websites...

    Our website will mostly be information (text and photos). So the storage shouldn't be much trouble (at least I think so..). But we can expect some medium size traffic since we will have affiliated links from big corporation sites and we provide products around the world... (Our co. already has websites outside US, so this one will be US version.)

    My biggest question is if we need to have a dedicated server because it's a lot more expensive than those shared/virtual ones. I have experience with shared ones, but never with the dedicated.

    I'd very much appreciate it if anyone can give me some suggestions (even small ones), so I can start comparing. Thank you very very much,


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    you'd have to be really, really big to need a dedicated server, especially since it doesn't sound like you're going to have a lot of backend stuff going on. Dedicated servers would also require you to pay for management of the server, security, etc. Just get a reputable (very reputable) hosted account, or even a reseller account if you may be making more than one site.

    You'd only need a dedicated server if you were going to have to have software or content that hosting companies would object to.
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    I suggest you use some virtual (shared) hosting, because dedicated server need a lot of work and if you don't have enough Linux\Unix experience, setting up server wouldn't be easy...

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    Or you could try a managed dedicated server offering. These are more expensive, however all the support, security and setting up is taken care of, by the company you choose. is one you can consider. RackFast if I'm not mistaken is owned by the same folks who own HostRocket.

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    If the company website is mainly text and photos with links, then the only thing that will make it different from a private website, is the design. Of course, you'll need a domain-name as well. Do what you would do with your own site, and if you're allready with a host you like and trust, then ask them for an account for the company as well.
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    Some companies like dedicated servers over shared hosting because of improved security, not necessarily bandwidth/space usage.

    If your company is big enough to afford $100-$200 a month without even thinking about it then why not get a dedicated, from a secure point of view it would be better - and you should never have a problem with speed because nobody else is using the same server as you.
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    * Everybody THANK YOU...

    I am so happy to hear from you all... I really really appreciate all your comments, and they all make sense too.

    What I think I'm going to do is to use a shared hosting, and if it becomes really necessary, I will consider using dedicated. And of course as you suggested, I'm going to start studying or looking for someone to handle it.

    Thank you so so much, and I might post more questions in the future... I wish I could help others too....


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