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    What is this site worth?

    I want to sell a site here on wht.

    I tried an auction since i didn't know what price to ask. But auctions doesn't really work right here. So i want to make a price, but i still don't know what is fair to ask.

    It's a clean template, the main work was the buttons and have a mac stylish layout without copying theire site.

    It's fully cutomizeable or however u write that

    Can you guys please help me decide on a price, i just want a fair asking price. Not more not less.
    Everything will be included.


    If you are using winxp and / or iexplorer 6.0+ u might need to resize the pic. Cause it's a screenshot @ 1024*768 excluding iexplorer bars.

    Thank you for your effort.

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    hey, i think that is quite nice buddy very neat colors

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    Thank you **********

    Do you also have any clue on what to ask for this?

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    It looks like a good clean layout. The center area seems a little bare though, not a lot in there content-wise. Is the grey area to the right of the plans supposed to be for something? I think it would be better without that area (visually and for size). The design should fit a 800x600 monitor, not 1024. The users that will be buying the plans are who you are marketing, so despite what designers and businesses have for monitors, the users are the ones you build for.

    As for a price? There is no standard price, if you post here, most are looking for very cheap layouts ($5, $10). If you talk to a business about having a site designed by a professional, a design could go for $500. It's all in who you are selling it to and how well it fits the client's needs. The way I figure my fees: I figure out how much my time is worth, multiply that by the number of hours I worked on it, and that's my price. But that's for custom designed sites. I don't work on templates. I don't like them because it promotes uniformity on the web, but it's a market that is out there so I don't judge. I would just pick a price and put it out there. If it's too high, you won't get any bids but maybe some offers. If it's too low, you'll sell it quick and know the next time you can ask more.
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    Thank you for your feedback, here some explanations:

    Ofcoarse the site is viewable @ 800*600 this is just a screenshot @ 1024*768. If u see the site on 800*600 u won't see the gray right side. The gray right side is only used as a sort of background, so it doesn't look so white.

    And the 'buyer' just needs to send me his text, maybe some photo's so i'll add it as content next to the plans on the left now. They just need to tell me what to do and how they want it, and i'll add it. All the tables are there so it's a matter of copy and paste and putting images on the right spot. This was just an example fill in.

    Thanx for your feedback.

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    The design is not very complicated. if it had more too it it could command a higher price. I would see this going for about $150 US

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