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    Genuine $99 Deal - Dedicated Servers and Colocation

    There are 12 different Dedicated Servers Package to choose from..
    price start at: $99

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    Your website is down...

    But... just a question...

    You say your servers are hosted in Miami, but your domain traceroutes to San Fransisco... Are you not hosted at your own DC? Just wondering

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    our new facility in Miami

    the domain (website) still host at the old facility.
    thank for the reminder, I will move it..

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    Cool deal

    I look forward to using your services!


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    Please provide pingable IPs for your single and multihomed connection. Thanks.

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    Dialsonic – “if you don’t like it, go elsewhere”

    I contacted Dialsonic via IM with more questions today. After chatting on IM very briefly I asked the Sales Rep, William, to give me a call. He said no. I was shocked. I had to know why. This is what William had to say:

    ME: Is customer service important to Dialsonic?

    WILLIAM: “You are not our customer yet. Your question might not be important.”

    ME: Do you think (ordering a server) is like ordering a No. 2 value meal at McDonalds?

    WILLIAM: “We have over 50 customers and our server going out like hotcake. If you don’t like it, go elsewhere”

    Can you imagine that? Is this attitude common practice? I can imagine if I had a minor problem with my service and Dialsonic told me, “Your problem might not be important.”

    Dialsonic can't be that bad!

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