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    Secure Stable Apache

    Developing a Test System to familiarize myself with Apache and Linux for Web Hosting that i would like to setup for Myself and my Clients.

    Ran across a very interesting thread that talked about the Insecurities of PHP/Perl withthe functions that are capable of scanning for Passwords and what not.

    If anybody has any tips on what is the best way to combine PHP & Perl with Apache in a Secure method.

    Also I am currently using ProFTPD. Does anybody have any opinions or prior Experience? Use something else ? etc
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    preftpd > proftpd any day, though control panels dont support it, so you are sol
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    If you run your Apache server with the suexec wrapper it'll pretty much secure your user accounts to files in their userid.

    However in PHP you can also have the added security of safe mode and open_base_dir (run a search about safe mode as there has been a lot of discussions as to the pros and cons to having it enabled, but I think you'll find most virtual hosts have it enabled).

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