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    * CPanel: Autoresponder Bug?

    A customer of mine told me that CPanel 5 contains a bug such that the autoresponder does not respond properly. I asked Darkorb's Nick if it has a bug. He answered that it just
    responded three times per 30 min. But, I still am wondering if it is not correct. I think it does not respond less than three even if it received less than three.

    Anyone experiences the same situation.
    I discussed with Nick.
    I personally admire him, but want to hear other's opinion.

    Thank you very much.


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    (cont'd) Anyone is still using CPanel 4 because of the bug?
    I hope there is none.

    Any suggestion will be welcome. Joe
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    We've actually increased this to 15emails per 1/2 hours in newer edge builds.

    J. Nick Koston - cPanel, Inc.

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