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    Athlon XP 2000+ / Sound Blaster (And more)

    I have a couple items of hardware for sale, and figured I would post it here first to see if anyone is looking for it.

    AMD Athlon XP 2000+ / 1.67GHZ / 266 mhz FSB / Socket A
    Brand new, never installed, OEM. I was building a couple servers, and accidentily ordered to many CPU, therefore I have one left over. This is OEM not retail, I will throw in some thermal compound though.

    $100 + Shipping. Or Best Offer...

    Sound Blaster 128 PCI, mint condition, used for short period of time. This is also OEM, I do not have the retail drivers, however they are available via creative labs website, I will however burn them onto a CD for ease of installation, will include CD-out cable.

    $14 + Shipping. Or Best Offer...

    House Brand 300Watt Power Supply (ATX). Used for 3 months, great working condition, pulled due to upgrades. It is AMD XP Ready, will work with Intel P4 as well.

    $13 + Shipping. Or Best Offer...

    256MB PNY Technologies PC133 Memory. Used for couple months, works great.

    $15 + Shipping. Or Best Offer...

    50 Feet Cat5-E wire, never used, out of package however, bought to wire new apartment, however never moved into a new apartment lol, now im stuck with it. It is Belkin FastCat Brand. I bought it at best buy and paid $35 for it, I think.

    $20 + Shiipping. Or Best Offer...

    If you are interested in anything please email me at.

    - Anthony
    [email protected]
    Linux junkie |

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    I get first reply on the RAM. I just want to know the complete model number on it to see if it is the one I need.


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