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    Does this design look ok?

    Hello, we were going to hire someone to design our website but i decided to take the time and do it myself. It's at

    Let me know what you think of the design. I wanted something original, no images of business men or servers, something more pleasing to the eyes. Hopefully it works, i'd really appreaciate any feedback.

    The beach pics came from my honeymoon last year, so my wife or i took them, everything is from scratch.

    Thanks! / / : Interested?

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    I would get rid of the pin-stripped background and go with a solid color.

    Your mouseovers were a little sluggish, my end maybe???

    Your title is hard to read, small and hiden in the corner.

    As for the header (beach) It could work if you had some higher quality images. I wouldn't have known it was a beach if you didn't mention about it.

    Put your copyrights on the pages.

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    Thanks, i find the mouse overs a little slow too, i'll work on that and i just added the copyrights, thanks.

    The pics were taken with a digital camera with no intentions for use on the web, it's actually upside down too so it might be hard to tell. Thanks for the feedback, i might do something about the title. / / : Interested?

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    The problems with the rollovers being slow is because they are done with the standard fireworks rollover JavaScript. This is renowned for being slow.

    If you have photoshop, that has quite a good script for rollovers... either that or just write it yourself (or rewrite the macromedia one).

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    Thanks for the info Rich2k, i'll try that. / / : Interested?

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    Your business name is fireproof. Why is there nothing that goes with your business name? Do you have a logo?
    How do you expect to brand your business? The branding of a business is not an after thought, it should be the first thought.

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    The business name is FireProof Solutions. The branding was actually the first thought, the fire behind the water, the sand computer, the fps button and the feel of the site. I'll work on a logo though, i just wanted the site to be easy to get around and not "in your face" and un-original like so many hosting sites.

    Thanks / / : Interested?

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