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    I need a good web host please

    I am currently hosting with Aletia/Jaguarpc, but I am always experiencing down time, email problems, control panel problems, ftp problems... That's enough!!!!

    I have no choice, I need to change to another host which can provide me with good and reliable hosting service.

    My basic requirement is:
    200MB - 300MB storage
    Multidomain hosted
    Cron job
    6 - 10 GB bandwidth
    Real 24/7 technical support
    <$10 monthly

    Any good hosts you can recommend please?

    What do you think about these two hosts? Any good?

    Thank you.

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    Mosts web hosts can offer you this. It will be your job to evaluate a good list of hosts and choose which one you think is best (for a reasonable price). You might want to do some searching (literally and just browsing around the forums) for a few days to see what there is out there.

    Hope this helps.
    Matt De Leon
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    $10 may be a little low for most hosts not using Cogent only lines, but there's a few around. Rest assured there will be suggestions from people soon enough

    Welcome to WHT

    Greg Moore
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    Whilst I have never used and therefore can not comment on them, I can comment on as my web site has been with them since July. They are so far the best host I have used. No downtime so far apart from scheduled maintenance and their support crew are great. I have no complaints!

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    hold on...we dont use cogent! and are prices are good! we use

    *Can't say more*

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    Hi! has a good hosting plan, but how about the service, their forum is almost empty, so I don't know much about their customer's feedback.

    I need to host a company site, so uptime is very important to me.

    Does anyone have experience with Pixelhosts?

    Thank you for all your recommendation!

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    That under $10 a month thing is the sticking point. Surely you can sit down with the person in charge of resource allocation in your company and educate him/her about the importance of uptime for a site. Quality has a price, and if you can point him/her to the high number of disaster stories people have had with cheap hosts, that most members here post about, i'm sure that will change their minds for good.

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    I too was with Aletia/Jaguar. I won't say anymore about that. I wanted customer support more than anything and signed up with and I can't say enough good about Danny and customer support.

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    my personal experience with hostworkz has been excellent. they get a from me!

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    may be you can go to request forum to ask for this

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    I need a new host very soon, because my present host Aletia/Jaq has problems again. I think hostworkz is good, most likely I will go fo it.

    Any more recommenations, please.

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    I don't see why you guys are picking on him for the $10 thing. There are a lot of reputable hosts offering plans in that price range.

    It's not like he's asking for $10 a year or 100gb for $10 a month or something.

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