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    Restrictions on the words "tThe Leading..."

    Hi! What do you think on the fact that many hosts out there have the words "The Leading" somewhere on their page. I mean, there cannot be that many leading hosts out there. How does one distinguish the good from the bad, if no additional info is available. Is "The leading" as bad as Unlimited?

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    I think everyone is so saturated with ad buzzwords these days that no-one even pays attention to them anymore. It just becomes signal to noise. Personally I find more 'honest' sounding claims to be more effective.

    Greg Moore
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    Mine doesn't say that.
    I think the writers think that's what pontential customers want to see or hear."The leader in mediocrity" is what they should say.
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    I always favored "A Leading" where it could be true...

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    I always view the words "we are the leader in webhosting" to be the equivalent of "I am not a crook" or the voice on the telephone saying "This is not a sales call."
    You'll get fewer complaints from over performing than from over promising.

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