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    Squareinternet &

    Beware. Very dodgy business

    I have had dealings with their previous company, signed up for a 12 month business pro account, unfortunately in the first month the server went down for 3 days due to DOS attack, then over the next 2 months it was the odd day of not being online resulting in squareinternet vanashing for 7 days without a word to its customers, telephones not being answered nor emails. 7 days later they reopen under a new name called and say they have merged with them. Sorry the service was unacceptable and to cap it all they havent even bothered to say to its customers what has happened in the mean time I had to purchase alternative webspace and host my site elsewhere. Im now in the process of trying to get a full refund.

    If you were a customer of squareinternets and try to fob you off that they have nothing to do with squareinternets business dealing prehaps you would care to point them in this direction

    Also if you take a look at company house records and start tracing the companys name history
    starhosts (in business), Squareinternet ( In business, but accounts overdue ), Microsurplus ( dissolved), RENSTAR ( dissolved). All of these companys are one in the same.

    So please spread the word, If in doubt have a check around and see what you think.

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    There are quite a few posts regarding Square Internet at the moment. (In fact, I came across your post in the .NET forums too)


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