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    My Experience with Dixiesys

    Hi! I have been with Dixiesys for two months now, and I feel like I should share my experience with newbies, who are looking for hosting.
    I was attracted to them mainly because of the favorable reviews here and the pretty cheap prices. I have to admit that I was skeptical at the beginning, because, well they are from Alabama and we all know that Georgia is better

    But anyway, I entrusted them my game fan-site, which holds the small community together. So far I have been amazed by their service. I have had very few problems, but the response time to support tickets is usually less than two hours. They also offer Irc channel and phone support. I tried to contact them by phone, but I couldn't, so I guess this is a minor minus. However, as I already stated, their support forums and ticket system are great, and the IRC channel is fairly decent, too, so that has not been a problem, yet.
    During these two months I experienced downtime once for about two hours, but it was announce in advance, so I was prepared mentally. The speed is really excellent, including the FTP. Another major plus is that they offer Ensim, which I love.

    A happy customer here. Keep up the good work, guys, and I will be giving you my money for a long time.

    oh yeah, my page is, but please don't visit it unless you really have to, because I don't have that much transfer available
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    now this is one review I am happy to see...

    I too am amazed with Gary's service(even though i've never experienced it)...I have yet to see a complaint about dixiesys that hasn't been resolved...

    be sure to come back and recommend them to the newbies in a couple months

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    nice review carboran. sounds like you are pretty happy with them so far!

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    i just started hosting with them to, and this site is gonna be HUGE so lets see how they cope.

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    Glad to see some positive stuff here
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    Re: My Experience with Dixiesys

    Originally posted by Carboran

    During these two months I experienced downtime once for about two hours, but it was announce in advance, so I was prepared mentally.
    I have read nothing but good reviews and have visited their forums just to get some idea about support and it has been great ; I am very close to moving to them.

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    Now that reads like a real testimony

    I haven't an account with dixiesys yet, but all presales questions have been answered within an hour. Sound very informally friendly and helpful too.

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    I've been there about 2 months... no problems at all.
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    Myself, I've been hosting with them since early this year (jan./feb. - can't remember right now .. ).

    And they've grown - I'm member # 60 on their forums, and now they've reached 1169! Wow...

    Oh, and - yes - I'm happy!


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